Fried Chicken Cutlets

Source:  My mom about 1970’s

Chicken fried cutlets
Chicken fried cutlets

A Fried Chicken-tradition.

I don’t care what any of you say, it’s a talent and an art to fry foods. The results can often be soggy, heavy, and leave you feeling rather gross after the meal. I myself have struggled with my frying success. I tried and tried for years, feeling too proud to ask my mom for advice. Until I did…then this recipe came all together.

These fried cutlets are a big deal in my house! It’s a guarantee, this will be the special requested birthday meal for almost every birthday! But, I can’t limit it to only birthday’s. I’ll make this special meal on any occasion I can. Yes, it’s labor intensive and leaves you with a rather large clean up, but it’s worth it, hands down!

I think my mom’s method is the big reason these are so delicious. You’ll see from the pictures below, this is a 4 step process. Beginning with the egg dip, to the flour dip, back to the egg dip, and finishing with the bread crumbs. The coating is sealed nice and tight this way, and it wont come off during frying, nor will it get soggy. I think we’ve all experienced one or both of those results. For sure, if my mom ever opened a restaurant, this would be one of her biggest successes on the menu.

Fried Chicken Cutlets

The best, crispy method for frying up chicken cutlets!
Cuisine Swiss
Prep Time 30 minutes
Cook Time 1 hour
Total Time 1 hour 30 minutes
Servings 5 people


  • 8 medium chicken breasts no bone, this will give about 3 fried cutlets per person
  • 6 medium eggs more if you are frying a lot of meat
  • 1 cup milk optional to save on eggs
  • 1 cup flour
  • 2 cups bread crumbs
  • 3 cups canola oil or sunflower oil, look for a high-heat oil to avoid toxicity
  • salt and pepper



  • Buy your chicken breasts preferably boneless. Wash them with cold water and lay them to dry on a paper towel. Begin to splice each breast horizontally in half.
  • Once cut into thinner halves, cover with a sheet of plastic wrap to protect during the hammer process.
  • Hammer each cut of meat until it’s long and thin, which is the perfect option for frying in this ‘schnitzel” or thin form fashion.


  • Get 2 plates ready, one for the non-bleached flour, one for the breadcrumbs
  • In your bowl, mix the quantity of eggs and the milk(optional) that you feel you will need. This is your base, so you will need not to skimp on the eggs. (With the leftover mix, you can just fry it in the hot oil)


  • Coat your filet in the egg mixture
  • Next, dip in flour to coat both sides
  • Now the 2nd side, keeping the process quick and thin.
  • Next, dip into egg mixture again, this is a very quick step.
  • Lastly, dip both sides in the bread crumbs. Pack on both sides.
  • On the second side, just shake off excess crumbs.
  • Season with your spices salt mixture (see home made section on site) and fresh ground pepper
  • Now, fry.


  • Have your frying pan ready with about 2” of oil warm and ready to work! Cast iron, or of chef quality is recommended. Avoid Teflon in general, but especially when frying and using high heat, as the Teflon coating is very toxic-no matter what they say! Fry up for about 4 minutes per side if cuts of meat are thin.
  • and the 2nd side
  • fresh out of the pan
  • Viola! Serve with a fresh slice of lemon, accompanied with a nice rice, pasta, or potato dish.
    Chicken fried cutlets


You will need to renew the oil when it begins to get full of debris, simply pour the hot oil into a coffee can or glass jar which will be recycled after use.
While you are frying multiples, keep finished cutlets in a warm oven on a platter. We serve them with mashed potatoes and peas.
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