Garden Project 2021

summer garden inside
garden project 2021 summer garden inside

Yea, the post is correctly titled garden project 2021, but I’m not sure really what’s going on. To say the start of spring has been unpredictable at best would be an understatement. Today, we mark the date of not only May 4th, 2021, but ironically it’s the day that Bill and Melinda Gates ended their marriage. Funny, cuz Billy Boy has been on my mind a lot these days, and it’s only cuz of the weather. Spring in Europe started out beautifully. We were given our seven to ten days of perfect spring weather-enough to inspire us to think about our garden’s after the long, cold winter. We worked on the gardens, we bought our seeds this year because it was “allowed” as compared to last year when it was forbidden-and we hoped to begin to plant.

But then someone literally pulled the rug out from under our gardening ambitions and pulled the plug on spring planting in the garden. Instead, my lofty ideas have become a major labor of love. I assume Gates will ease up with the fun he’s having with the European weather patterns here and give us some warm weather eventually. But, until I’m entirely sure that a last minute freeze wont show up, I”m playing it safe and it’s indoor daycare for my seedlings. I was ambitious this year with tomatoes, basil, dill, zucchini, eggplant, onions, potato’s, pumpkin, and peppers~ all of which, cannot really survive a freeze snap.

look at them grow!

Lots of in-n-out so far!

I’ve adapted my seedlings from indoor 24/7, to outdoor when the sun is shining (not particularly warm either), to at night, bringing them in the ‘winter garden’ which at least gives them shelter from a freeze. I’m watching the temperatures closely, and I think I’m just going to start to get them in the ground. Though our daily temperatures are averaging 50 degrees, it’s certainly not late spring weather. I know Mother Nature has always been elusive and unpredictable since forever, but now that Bill Gates wants to put the dress on and dabble with the powers of nature, I’m afraid it makes life all the more unpredictable.

outdoor for sun
eggplant and tomato’s

Garden Tips

Wish me luck in my pursuit for a blossoming garden. I think I’m going to need it. But beyond luck, I had to still put forth some good gardening practices. These practices included spreading last years and prior years compost into the existing garden plot. This brings good, nutrient rich decayed food back to the soil for its final resting spot. Compost is loaded with life, and it’s a tool any seasoned gardener doesn’t want to live with out. In addition to compost, I gave the whole garden plot a watering with my coffee grounds water. Using and collecting old used covfefe grounds is a great tool for boosting the nutrient value in the soil, and with every turn of my soil I see worms all thriving below. I’m doing my part, now a little help from our old friend, and I’m in business.

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