Goldenrod: Solidago virga-aurea (European variety) Stimulating/calming effect on wounds that need to be cooled and stimulated for healing. The herb has aromatic essential oils which carry into the respiratory sphere, so it’s great for allergies, low-grade bronchial infections, important as a kidney remedy to stimulate kidney functions. Good in treating edema & skin sores. Goldenrod opens pores of the skin, legs, and scalp, and assists in digestion.
Treats: exhaustion, allergies including conjunctivitis, acne in sheets on face, dark urine, dry scalp/skin, or edema and swelling, old lung conditions w/ mucous, tired lower back, tired feed, exhausted kidneys, bladder irritation in early stages, inflamed wounds.
Usage: Leaves harvested before flowering, flowers harvested in fall and extracted fresh in alcohol for use in respiratory (dose: 1-3 drops 1-3 x’s/day for allergies)
Personal Notes: After writing this document, I noticed this herb today. It’s late summer, and the flowers are in full bloom. Since the leaves are only used in healing, I need to make a mental note on recognizing the leaves in early Summer, and try to look around the same location as I saw it in full bloom. Chances are, it will be there year after year, in the exact same spot!

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