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Over the past years of living in Europe where rain and moisture have been in abundance, herbs pop up all throughout the year (not so much in Winter…).  A total contrast compared to normal seasons in California.  Once you get past June, most everything is dead and barren in the California nature.

These new surroundings have inspired my quest in searching for tea herbs.  I’ve come to learn that all herbs heal.  From the common cold, to asthma, arrhythmia, high blood pressure, scaring, hormone imbalances, and so much more.

Treat the symptom of work on the root issue

Countless books have been published on this topic.  Millions of people have gained knowledge in this field as it’s survived the test of time.  Though practices have changed, and majority seek their doctors for healing, I believe doctor is the last resort.  Herbalists and naturalists seek to heal the symptoms first.  Get to the root cause.  Yes, working with herbs is not an instant turn around.  It takes time, commitment and patience to see or feel the results you are hoping for.

I urge you to search deeper into this field.  Seek out knowledge and try to familiarize yourself with all the little flowers that sit in the earth and wait to be recognized by wise people who know the benefits these beautiful herbs hold for us. Start out with the familiar.  Lavender, Oregano, Basil.  Basil alone is excellent in treating insect bites, especially those who are allergic.  It reduces swelling incredibly.  Combined with nettle, it’s a winner for the extreme cases that involve swelling.   The tall stalk with yellow flowers, called Mullein, it’s a wonder for severe coughs with pflem.  Arnica is a miracle herb for bites, scars, and joint pains!

Herbs cabinet
Herbs cabinet

Use this website by typing in a symptom.  The herbs will pop up based on what you typed in and will list which herb can aid in healing in this particular symptom.  Mix, match and combine.  Be careful and aware and experiment with the powers of herbs.

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