Lemon Verbena fresh picked

Lemon Verbena

Lemon Verbena fresh picked Herbs Chapter 1: Lemon Verbena Lemon Verbena dried I have Spain to thank for bringing this ...
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yarrow herb

Yarrow Herb

Yarrow is a beautifully blooming plant that comes in many varieties of colors. The yellow, orange, soft pink, white, and ...
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Elderberry Bouquet

Bouquet Fit for a Duchess Natural bouquet My inspiration for picking today's Elderberry Bouquet spurred from the royal wedding this ...
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Cannabis Oil

cannabis plant Cannabis is the herb of the god's. It's been around since the inception of time. It's been smoked, ...
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Herbs: Lungwort, Coltsfoot and Horsetail

First Bloom Lungwort Lungwort is one of those amazing herbs I read about, but missed the growing season (2017). When ...
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fresh ginger root

Fall’s Best Tea

Source: Me; cir. 2015 Fresh ginger, cinnamon & verbena tea brewed and ready for chilling (if desired) The Wonder's of ...
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Herbs for Teas

Over the past years of living in Europe where rain and moisture have been in abundance, herbs pop up all ...
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sage, rosemary, verbena and spearmint drying for winter storage

Last Gathering of the year & your Fall duties.

Your chances begin to dwindle the minute you feel the temperature change between Fall and Winter. Which means, the last ...
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Picked herbs, drying on a metal tray

Herbs in Nature

Look all around you when you are outside, walking in nature. What I used to think were simple "weeds", I've ...
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Queen Anne’s Lace

queen annes lace in forest 'Wild Carrot' Queen Anne's Lace (Daucus carota) is a native to most temperate European climates ...
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As taken from a quick search on the internet for the official definition of Kombucha , Wikipidea states, "Kombucha is ...
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peppermint Herb - Peppermint An old herb typically used for onset of colic in the bowel, stomach ache, gas and ...
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oregano drying


wild oregano growing in my garden How Oregano arrived in America Oregano was introduced into American homes after World War ...
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Nettle Herb - Nettle High in proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Helps with reduction of mucous on membranes, low blood pressure, ...
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Mullein Herb - Mullein A premier cough and respiratory remedy, contains flavonoids, mucilage, and volatile oils. Draws water into hard ...
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Mugwort Herb - Common Mugwort - Artemisia vulgaris Common Mugwort is aromatic bitter which increases digestion, mildly stimulating to the ...
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Motherwort Herb - Motherwort - Leonurus cardiaca Motherwort is long standing in treating conditions in women associated with hormonal changes ...
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Marshmallow Plant

marshmallow Herb - Marshmallow Plant - Althaea officinalis The roots, leaves and flowers of the Marshmallow Plant are used as ...
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lungwort taken in the early spring in the forest


lungwort taken in the early spring in the forest Herb - Lungwort flower - Pulmonaria officinalis Lungwort is a member ...
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Linden flower


Linden flower Herb - Linden Flower - Tilia The European Linden tree (also called the American basswood tree) are a ...
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lemon balm

Lemon Balm

lemon balm Herb - Lemon Balm - Melissa Officinalis Lemon Balm has a sour taste with a cooling and sedative ...
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Hyssop Flower

hyssop flower Herb - Hyssop flower A bitter, pungent mint generally used as a remedy for fever and bronchial infection ...
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Herb Horsetail


Herb Horsetail Herb - Horsetail - Equisetum During a walk in the forest you will find this lovely herb. Treats ...
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black horehound

Black Horehound

black horehound Herb - Black Horehound - Ballota nigra Black horehound is a plant. Given in the form of tea, ...
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loads of bright red hawthorn berries

Hawthorn Berries

loads of bright red hawthorn berries Herb - Hawthorn Berries Back in 1859, Hawthorn was introduced as a heart tonic ...
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Goldenrod Herb - Goldenrod Solidago virga-aurea (European variety) Stimulating/calming effect on wounds that need to be cooled and stimulated for ...
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elderberry bush


elderberry bush Herb - Elderberry Opens all the channels in the body. Elderberry flowers used fresh are stimulating diaphoretic, promotes ...
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Curly Dock

curly dock Herb - Curly Dock - Yellow Dock Root - Rumex crispus The leaf is sour, and somewhat astringent ...
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first sign of spring, in the wild cowslip - Schlüsselblümchen

Cowslip or Schlüsselblümchen

first sign of spring, in the wild cowslip - Schlüsselblümchen Herb - Cowslip or Schlüsselblümchen Cowslip or Schlüsselblümchen contains flavonoids ...
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comfrey in my garden


comfrey in my garden Herb - Comfrey Comfrey is a member of the borage family. Medicinal ingredients include allantoin, alkaloids, ...
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Coltsfoot or bull’s foot, assfoot, farfara, horsehoof


Coltsfoot or bull’s foot, assfoot, farfara, horsehoof Herb - Coltsfoot - Tussilago farfara Coltsfoot has cool, moist and dry properties ...
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cinnamon sticks


cinnamon sticks Herb - Cinnamon Warm and stimulating. Relieves diarrhea, botulism, staph, e.coli and candida. It may lower blood sugar ...
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cilantro Herb - Cilantro Use the Cilantro leaf as heavy metal detox, plant can strengthen the muscle of the heart ...
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chamomile Herb - Chamomile German or Roman type Chamomile used in holistic medicine. Has a blue oil considered the active ...
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catnip flower


catnip flower Herb - Catnip - Nepita Catnip is used as an herbal remedy for treating disorders of the digestive ...
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Calendula, bright orange in my garden


Calendula, bright orange in my garden Herb - Calendula Calendula is a warming herb, topical dressing for wounds, sores, burns ...
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borage in my garden


borage in my garden Herb - Borage - Borago Officinalis A cooling herb, helps with exhaustion and low spirits. Great ...
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basil in bloom


basil in bloom Herb - Basil - Ocimum basilicum There are a number of types, which differ in taste and ...
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Arnica montana

Beautiful Arnica flower, during a hike in Switzerland Herb - Arnica montana It contains sesquiterpene lactones which are known to ...
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anise flower

Anise Seed

anise flower Herb - Anise Seed - Pimpinella anisum These Anise seeds are best known to aid in digestion issues ...
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angelica with her big red stalks Herb - Angelica The Angelica root, breaks up concentrated areas of water, phlegm, and ...
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