chamomile Herb - Chamomile German or Roman type Chamomile used in holistic medicine. Has a blue oil considered the active ...
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catnip flower


catnip flower Herb - Catnip - Nepita Catnip is used as an herbal remedy for treating disorders of the digestive ...
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Calendula, bright orange in my garden


Calendula, bright orange in my garden Herb - Calendula Calendula is a warming herb, topical dressing for wounds, sores, burns ...
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borage in my garden


borage in my garden Herb - Borage - Borago Officinalis A cooling herb, helps with exhaustion and low spirits. Great ...
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basil in bloom


basil in bloom Herb - Basil - Ocimum basilicum There are a number of types, which differ in taste and ...
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Arnica montana

Beautiful Arnica flower, during a hike in Switzerland Herb - Arnica montana It contains sesquiterpene lactones which are known to ...
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anise flower

Anise Seed

anise flower Herb - Anise Seed - Pimpinella anisum These Anise seeds are best known to aid in digestion issues ...
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angelica with her big red stalks Herb - Angelica The Angelica root, breaks up concentrated areas of water, phlegm, and ...
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