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whiskey sour served in an heirloom crystal glass

Whiskey Sour

Lemons, you can add some finds to the finished productfresh, ...
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Vegetarian Lasagna with Bechamel Sauce

Lasagna with Bechamel Sauce Vegetarian Lasagna with Bechamel sauce is ...
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Bechamel Sauce with Cheese ingredients

Bechamel Sauce

Bechamel Sauce with Cheese ingredients The Béchamel sauce is a ...
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Tiramisu showing the layers

Easy traditional Italian Tiramisu

Source: a Friend cir 1990's look of the finished layers ...
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Cabbage leaf folled

Vegetarian Savoy Cabbage Rolls

Source: Rochelle Beerli circa 2000 Vegetarian Savoy Cabbage Rolls Vegetarian ...
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Wild Deer (Venison) Meatball Stew

Source: Rochelle Beerli circa 2017 Meatballs over rice, served with ...
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Chili with toppings

Fall’s Best Chili

Source: Me about 2000 Chili with toppings Chili (or Fall's ...
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Eggplant Parmesan

Source: Mom, cir. 1970's eggplant parmesan Mom's eggplant parmesan Since ...
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Alpen Macaroni with apple sauce

Alpen Macaroni

Source: Switzerland Alpen Macaroni with apple sauce Alpen Macaroni A ...
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Oven Roasted Herb Chicken

Source: Mom, cir. about 1980! Oven Roasted Herb Chicken Deep ...
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Potatoes au gratin

Source: Artisian Cookbook 1995 finished dish - potatoes au gratin ...
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Barley Soup – Gerstensuppe

Source: Beerli Family cir. 1970 barley soup - Gerstensuppe Barley ...
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