the horsetail plant
the horsetail plant

Herb – Horsetail – Equisetum

During a walk in the forest you will find this lovely horsetail herb. They typically grow 0.2–1.5 m tall.


Colds, weak hair, chronic asthma, edema, chronic nephritis, bladder infections, weak bladder with dribbling, menstrual cramps, eye infections, cool extremities of hands and feet, broken bones, hemorrhage, dry skin, fungus under toenail, stomach aches. Horsetail is also recommended for anemia and general debility. Some folks use it to treat deep-seated lung damage such as tuberculosis or emphysema.


You should only pick it grown in natural sunlight. When the stalks are still tender, you pick them, crush them and put direct in an alcohol soak. (use 1-3 drops, 1-3x’s day, or daily dosage of 10-25 drops) or used dried leaves and steep overnight to promote the silica benefit.
You may take internally to stop bleeding ulcers or curb heavy menstrual bleeding. You may also use as a gargle and mouth rinse for sore throat and bleeding gums or mouth ulcers.
I read that this herb contains a mineral called silicon which is needed by our bodies. There are very few accessible sources of it in our diet. This is why you find it so often in supplement form. However, horsetail has naturally high concentrations of silicon, which is a key element in protecting bone mineral density and integrity as we age.

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