How to Make it a “French Day”

Make it a French Day with some cheese and a Wiskey Sour, since vine isn't quite enough
Make is a French Day

Well to answer why you need to make it a French Day, its because the French know how to live life. If anyone’s been following the new recommendations set and made by the UNEP (United Nations Environmental Panel) on reducing green house emissions,  then you’ll understand this post.

Make it a “French Day”

An environmentalist first, you know the idea of reducing carbon emissions by half in 10 years is going to be a difficult, yet exciting task, and I’ll be thrilled if man-kind can succeed in this mission.  I know it’s not as sexy as a mission to the moon, but I will remain active as well as observant in this process.  This notion that we could be completely rid of fossil fuel produced carbon by 2040 entirely, well that flat out excites me.   Would this mean that I no longer need to choke from the exhaust of diesel and dirty burning automobiles, motor cycles, trucks and tractors?   But, along with this excitement naturally brings stress, wonder, and feelings of gloom. In order to rid myself from these negative thoughts, I decided to make it a “French Day”.

What do the French love most

How does one do this, you might wonder?  By re-creating what the French love most, a plate of lovely cheese and fresh fruit assortment.  Naturally, the French would grab for a nice chilled glass of white, or rose. I felt the day asked for a bit of a stronger drink, hence the Whiskey Sour.  Don’t get me wrong, a Sour isn’t so strong, but it’s great when you might need to achieve a bit of perspective. You can ponder a bit what lies ahead.  For me, absorbing the suggestions laid out by the UN on fighting climate change comes a bit late, like 25 years too late, but I think we can do this as a planet.  First we need to decide how much we love our earth and sustainable life, then the rest comes easily.

So, if you need to ease the strains of the day, think French.  Make a nice assorted cheese and fruit plate, a nice drink, sit down and take the time to enjoy it… then figure out how to fix the problems of the world.


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