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Potato's are a member of the tuberous family and are actually native to America. They are a starchy bunch that can be used and cooked with for just about anything. From the fritters to the roasted potatoes in the oven, I love them and consider them a staple in my dietary needs. Varying in so many varieties, they come in numerous sizes, shapes and colors. Potatoes are great also because they tend to be affordable, and have enough nutrient dense properties to sustain your family if times become tough. They gained their reputation as such during the many world-famine's and world wars. Every family lived off the potato.

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fonte:  Rochelle ca. 1990’s Potato Leek Soup easy and delicious This hearty, creamy soup is a delicious tradition that showed up on American tables somewhere around the early 1900’s. Though the history on this vegetable garden soup seems rather challenging to pin point. Ma, if you follow the cookie trail, the recipe first shows up

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