Home-made Ravioli

di ravioli finiti
finished ravioli’s

Home-made ravioli is a very special to make and share for the people you love. An obvious Italian dish, most Italian families gather ’round a table anytime of year and enjoy a nice bowl of ravioli made by their mama’s.

Ravioli are a Italian tradition, dating back to original recipes found from the 13th century. Depending what region of Italy, the shapes and filling can vary drastically, taking what we consider as the humble square ravioli, and turning into the rounded ‘tortellini’. Ma, that’s the beauty of Italy and her foods. Unique qualities that region’s hold tight to, which is why Italy has left the world clambering for centuries over her food!

My mama has been making rav’s for years. Each year, they seem to get better. Negli anni, she’s wizened up, and begins making these a few weeks ahead of holiday season. She make’s her batches, complete with thedi Magro” riempimento (spinaci, ricotta and parmasean) then puts them in boxes and in the freezer. Upon the day of the holiday, she takes them out, let’s them un-thaw and puts them into boiling water. This approach makes for a pretty pain free approach for a holiday meal.

This is my mom’s recipe. You can count on this recipe having an abundance of love, tradition and flavor. I love her rav’s. My kids love her rav’s, in fact, I hope the whole world can love her rav’s.


Home-Made Ravioli’s

Not too difficult to make, and you’ll have them asking for more with this recipe!
Portata Portata principale
Cucina italiano
Parola chiave Fatti in casa, Pasta
Preparazione 45 minuti
Cottura 3 minuti
Tempo totale 48 minuti
Porzioni 5 persone


  • 1 lb farina
  • 4 medio uova
  • 2 drizzles olio d'oliva


  • go about making the dough as usual. combine the flour, make a well in the center, crack the eggs, drizzle the oil and hand knead
  • make your filling. It’s entirely up to you. These were ricotta, Parmesan and some herbs.
  • step 1, make small sections of dough and roll out into long strips until long and thin. Add a spoon of filling.
  • add another long strip of dough on top, and cut down the center. You can work 2 rows at a time with the width.
  • cut them into the squares
  • keep them well floured
  • set aside and wait for cooking
  • your nice, finished pile of rav’s
    finished ravioli's
  • cook in boiling water until they float, circa 2 minuti., avere il vostro sugo pronto
  • sauce up, e servire
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