Patate gratinate

Patate gratinate: 2018

Patate gratinate

It's said that the first mention of this lovely French dish was in the 1700's when it was first documented in the menu planning for the French Lieutenant's. It was known throughout France as the sunday dish that the women prepared before leaving for church, and let it slow cook over heat until they arrived home after services-the potatoes were cooked, the crust was finished and the family was ready to sit down to a warm meal directly after church. I find it hard to believe that it's taken me so long to achieve satisfaction with this dish, but sadly, it has. We had the lovely opportunity of dining with some friends recently. It just so happens, that the husband loves to cook, and has an amazing talent and passion for food, but French food in particular. He comes from a family of restaurateurs and Chef's, so I learned a lot and asked a lotThe potato topic came up and led us to au gratin. He shared with me that the simplicity of this recipe all laid in the creamThat's right, all you do is add creamI was motivated to try out his suggestion, as my previous attempts always involved the arduous step of making a roux sauce with butter, milk and flour to pour over the sliced potatoes before their bake. My results were never good, and eventually I gave up, until today. As advised, I followed my easy steps of washing, peeling, and slicing, thus finalizing with pouring heavy cream over the top and it was ready to bake.   I was thrilled with my outcome. The flavor was very soft, the crust was golden with crunch and we all fell in love with this simple dish once again! Let's just say, no left-over's, and lots of praiseFollow this easy recipe, and I'm pretty sure, you'll please your crowd too.
Portata Contorno
Cucina francese
Preparazione 10 minuti
Cottura 30 minuti
Tempo totale 40 minuti
porzioni 5 persone


  • 5 a 6 totale patate figura 1-2 Ricerca per parola chiave
  • 2 dl panna circa 1 cup worth
  • 1 pizzicare sale e pepe


  • Begin by pre-heating your oven to 375. Find a tart dish, or seemingly shallow baking dish and just put enough butter on the bottom to prevent sticking
  • wash and peel the potatoes
  • it's best to work with a tool for fine slicing, this allows your cuts to all be the same size which is great for cooking
  • slice your potatoes and line them in a reasonably neat and circular pattern
  • add your salt and pepper and pour the heavy cream over the top.
  • Cuocere per 30 minutes or until nice and golden
  • fetta, serve and enjoy
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