Il solstizio d'estate

Raspberry patch
Raspberry patch

The summer solstice was celebrated in the Northern Hemisphere today. For us, it symbolizes the first day of summer as well as it marks the longest day of the year. From here on out, our days will ever so slightly begin to get shorter until we reach the Winter Solstice in December. Since my last garden post, it’s been a very warm few weeks. The sun and the barometer have both been rising with power. Yes, è caldo, appiccicoso e ha portato la luce a un sacco di insetti. The up side as I need to remind myself, is the life it pumps into the growth and green around us.

Il mio giardino ha davvero rimbalzato da un ‘giardino di partenza’ to a garden in full gear. Everything that I’ve planted 2-3 weeks ago has at least doubled in size. In addition to the veg garden, the berry patches are full of flowers and ready to blossom. This year I had a surprise bush pop up-the redcurrant (Johannes Beere).

Redcurrant or Johannes Beere

Ribes rosso - Johannes Beeren
Ribes rosso – Johannes Beeren

Questa bacca è molto popolare in Europa, come è usato in cucina, making gelatina, and used in syrups. But for us American girls, the redcurrant still holds a mystery to me. What I do know about it is that it’s a treat-it’s a tad sweet with a tart finish. I’m looking forward to making a nice batch of jelly for us to enjoy, e spero che questo Bush torna a nostro giardino per gli anni a venire.

Beans and Peas

Ho cucita stringa per i fagioli e piselli da allegare al, thus allowing the pods to be exposed to the light and hang for a perfect growing environment. The zucchini which were also started from seed have made some amazing progress. In my opinion, you can never have too many zucchini plants in the garden.

peas and beans
peas and beans

With any luck, Sarò facendo tutto da frittelle, per zucchine ripiene, di zucchine marinate in barattolo, and maybe even some zucchini jelly. The tomato and pepper seeds are late, lo so, but I’m hoping the summer sun will give them the energy boost they need to catch up. I’ve been giving the veg. giardino un innaffiatoio settimanale del mio nutrienti tè compost ricco-fatta in casa speciale che è fatto da acqua piovana,  borragine, nettle and comfrey leaves. In addition, ottengono un ammollo tutti i giorni dalle acque piovane raccolte (che è molto meglio di qualsiasi acqua sanitaria per il giardino)


In queste prime settimane di primavera, abbiamo avuto una grande popolazione di api in visita al giardino Tutti sembrano amare, love love the nepita. In particular, abbiamo il “colibrì falena” o il “Hemaris” and the oh so sweet bumble bees. They all seem to comb over the blooms of the nepita. I’m so glad to have this plant thriving as it does in my garden. I know it’s responsible for bringing in our delightful visitors.

Godere di un paio di colpi da giardino

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