Orario per arrostire una Turchia

turkey fresh out of the oven
Turkey fresh out of the oven

Roasting Guidelines

Timetable for roasting a turkey is the most essential part of preparing and succeeding. Roasting, frying, brining a turkey are all excellent options, buthow long do I cook itis the looming question. Purtroppo, it’s always been some sort of mystery, but let’s break it down to a simple science. The information below will hopefully clear up any questions regarding the cooking of the turkey. It’s simple logic, once you understand the principles needed to succeed in this venture. Some things to consider for your meal.

Some Questions

  • How large is my turkey or how much does it weigh?
  • Once you know how heavy it is, now you figure out how long to roast your turkey?
  • One of the most important questions is, what temperature to roast your turkey?

Stop the confusion!

I’ve been through a number of trends with turkey prep. I think they are actual trends so the celebrity chef’s can get higher ratings, thus causing more confusion and stress. It doesn’t seem to make an ounce of difference if you baste every 15 minutes or not. Or if you do an over-night brine or not. What does make the difference is properly calculating the weight to time formula. The standard is 20 minutes a pound. I always use my meat thermometer to ensure my turkey is cooked through. Your thermometer should register between 160-180 gradi. Poke around a few places to be sure you’re on target.

Just leave it!

The method I’v found that works best, hands down is putting the seasoned turkey in the oven and letting it roast through the calculated time. You can check 1/2 hour before with your thermometer to gauge your time, but this method has been the best for me. Just leave it and let it cook and roast itself to perfection. No need to open and baste, no need to interfere. It really is that easy. I’ve always been able to deliver a soft, moist, juicy inside with a nice golden crisp skin on the outside.

Il 3 sisters!

The decision of seasoning is your last dilemma. Decide, with herbs or with out? I love working with herbs. Sage, rosmarino, origano, I have yet to fail with these herbs. Getting the turkey smeared with a nice herbal butter is a perfect solution and gives an excellent outcome.

Feel free to visit my various pages on the turkey roast. I think you’ll find each one to be a bit different, (turkey posts) Ora, see below a few guidelines and a timetable to roast your turkey.


  • imbastitura: No, non è necessario per imbastire. Forni a convezione saranno rosolare il tacchino molto velocemente, locking in the juices.
  • Se la Turchia ha un “apparire” indicatore temperatura, si consiglia di controllare anche la temperatura interna del tacchino nella parte più interna della coscia e ala e la parte più spessa del seno con un termometro per alimenti. La temperatura interna minima dovrebbe raggiungere 165 ° F (74 ° C) per sicurezza.
  • Ideal oven temperature is 350 °F or 175°C, see table below for roasting time
  • per la qualità, lasciare riposare il tacchino per 20-30 minuti prima di carving per consentire i succhi di impostare. Il tacchino sarà ritagliarsi con facilità.
    Rimuovere tutti imbottitura dalle cavità tacchino

Orario per arrostire una Turchia

 torrefazione Tempo (unstuffed)torrefazione Tempo (Ripieni) std.torrefazione Tempo (Ripieni) convezione
8 a 12 sterline2¾ a 3 orario3 a 3¼ ore2 a 2 ¼ ore
12 a 14 sterline3 a 3¾ ore3½ 4 orario2½ a 2¾ ore
14 a 18 sterline3¾ a 4¼ ore4 a 4¼ ore2¾ a 3¼ ore
18 a 20 sterline4¼ di 4 ore e mezza4¼ di 4¾ ore3¼ di 3¾ ore
20 a 24 sterline4½ 5 orario4¾ a 5¼ ore3¾ a 4¼ ore
Cucinare un tacchino

Fresh turkey

Fresh turkey
la nostra bella uccello


  • permettere 1 chilo di tacchino a persona
  • Acquista solo il vostro tacchino 1 a 2 giorni prima si prevede di cucinarlo
  • Conserverà fino a quando si è pronti a cuocere in frigorifero. Mettere su un vassoio o in una padella per raccogliere eventuali succhi di frutta che possono perdere
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