Last chance for Fall

We’re approaching the last week of September.  The nightly temperature is now dipping below 10 degrees Celsius.  The days are starting off foggy and colder, and sun is a rarity.

This means, it’s the last chance to gather up your herbs for the winter.

Decide which herbs you want during winter.

The usual assortment is:
peppermint + spearmint assortmentsverbena

sage, rosemary, verbena and spearmint drying for winter storage

Cut what you can, and lay out in a dry safe spot and allow the herbs to dry naturally.

When dried to completion, clean the leaves from the stems, and store in an airtight ziploc bag, or a glass jar, labeled.

For the oregano and rosemary, you can combine the two, chop finely, add salt, and put into a season jar to have for your sauces and pizza toppers.

oregano drying

Next on the list is transplanting the delicate herbs from the garden, to a pot that can be brought indoors.

The few delicate varieties I bring in are the Moroccan mint, verbena, and oswego.  Kept in the right indoor location, even in a basement or garage, with a few occasional waterings is all you need to do for these girls.  Then, in spring after the last freeze, you can return them to their original spot.

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