Herb – Mullein

A premier cough and respiratory remedy, contains flavonoids, mucilage, and volatile oils. Draws water into hard places, used for dry cough, tickle cough/throat, heals old cough, opens lungs, lubricates, opens sinus. Opens the head and brain, helps with swollen glands, a muscular and skeletal remedy, improves lubrication of the connective tissue in joints and cartilage health. Great for complex fractures, inflexibility and pain or nerve pain pinch nerve, a great nerve and pain killer, induces sleep, moves mucous out of the body. Lung problems, helps open the mind.


Injuries, sinusitis, ear ache with pain, sore throat, tonsillitis, mumps, pneumonia, croup, TB, deep cough, dry cough, bleeding from lungs, diarrhea, hemorrhoids, painful urination, swollen lymphatics, painful injuries of fingers, toes, spine, swollen joints, spinal injuries, misalignment, broken bones, bruises, chronic abscesses.


Pick the leaves and roots at the beginning of the season. Pick the flowers in the middle of the season. Reserve the leaves to be used as tea. Flowers usually extracted in olive oil in sunshine.
Smoke to relieve sore throat pain, and open the lungs and mind.

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