Natural dog and cat Dewormer

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Natural dog and cat Dewormer

Pumpkin seeds really are the natural dog and cat dewormer. It’s quite the headline, and many don’t believe how such a simple, cheap seed can be so effective. But, it is the most natural yet effective dog and cat dewormer out there. Like many natural remedies, pumpkin seeds will no longer be the same to you. Once thought to only be a delicious addition to salads or roasted and salted, the pumpkin seed will now be your go-to for dog and cat deworming.

My story

It was the beginning of spring and it was super evident to me that not only my cats had worms, but now my dog. Stands to reason, as when my dog and I go walking, his head is down, and sniffer activated every step along the way. He comes across millions of parasites, enough to start their own colonies in his intestinal tract. The occasional nibble of fecal matter deposited by a cat along the way, certainly contributes to the need to keep my dog’s digestive tract clean and healthy.

PPP, what?

Praziquantel, pyrantel pamoate, and febantel are the most common drug ingredients used in pets to treat parasites. Being that I can’t even pronounce the words, and that they are produced in a laboratory with toxic and harmful ingredients, I will absolutely not use this on my pets. Pumpkin seed is a word I can pronounce. Plus, it’s a product found in nature. Cucurbitin is another word I can pronounce, and is the natural occurring ingredient in the pumpkin seed that kills parasites. My first choice will always be natural. By way of herbs, or food, is how I treat myself and my family. Why wouldn’t I treat my pets this way too?

However in this pharmaceuticaly driven world, chemicals are what most reach for to treat worms and other health issues in our pets. Ticks, fleas and parasites, all get the treatment of pretty harsh chemical administered on or in to our pets. I find it’s crazy enough to keep my pets (let alone myself) cancer free with just life itself. Why oh why, would I add such toxic components to the equation?

I combed the internet and was lucky enough to learn about several home remedies in treating parasites in dogs and cats. From the many options shared out there, I settled with the feeding a few tablespoon’s of crushed pumpkin seeds in his dry food.

3 simple steps to health

First step, get some organic pumpkin seeds. Second step, grind them up to a fine powder. Third step, sprinkle onto food a.m. and p.m. feeding (1-2 TBS per feeding). Cost: Fr. 8 for a pack of seeds.

Seeing is believing

The results were stunning. I wish I would have photographed what exited from his first poop 12 hours after the first treatment of ground pumpkin seeds. By the second day, the parasites seemed to make an even speedier exit through my dog’s excrement. It was amazing. By the third day with supplementing, my dog’s fecal matter was absolutely parasite free.

The power of cucurbitin

Since I began this treatment with my dog and cats, I watch for their symptoms. It’s taken 3 years of intermittent treatment to completely rid them of the obvious signs and symptoms of worms. From my Internet research I’ve learned the reason why such a simple treatment works is because the pumpkins seeds contain the amino acid called cucurbitin, which paralyzes and eliminates the worms from the digestive tract.

Give your pet 1-2 tsp per day until stool is clean, with one extra day for good measure. Give whenever necessary and as often as necessary to manage the digestive and intestinal health of your pet.

Personal Note:
I’ve read that the pumpkin seed is an old remedy used by Native Americans in the treating of:

  • wounds & healing
  • kidney ailments and urinary problems
  • parasitic treatment on humans.

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    • Lucia on 31/10/2020 at 03:47
    • Reply

    Thanks for the interesting article. Before I try this natural remedy to get rid of parasites on my pets, I would like to know the original medical source about the power of cucurbitin for pets and if it’s safe. Thank you

    1. Hello and thank you for the question. My suggestion is to do further research on this topic if you are concerned. My research (general web info) backed up this remedy as being totally safe. I’d say a heck of a lot safer than any pharmaceutical or chemical that is in the standard pet de-worming medications, which are actual poisons! That was not an option for me, to poison my dog. I saw with my own eyes, exactly how phenomenal the pumpkin seeds worked on cleaning out my dog, and ridding him of any further parasite-related problems.

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