Herb – Nettle

High in proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Nettle helps with reduction of mucous on membranes, low blood pressure, kidney function, arthritis, muscle weakness. Has a superior reputation for getting patients off dialysis. Actually, nettle is quite an effective herb with a long-standing reputation in the herbal community, and is now and has been the go-to herb when nothing else works.


Low blood pressure, mouth sores, mucus, bronchitis, asthma, diarrhea, dysentery, swelling of kidneys, edema, eczema, inactive kidneys, inflammation of the bladder, impotence, excessive menstruation, anemia during pregnancy, lack of milk production during lactation, muscle atrophy, arthritis, gout, hypothyroid, skin burns, hives, bites, stings, deer fly bites.


Fresh picked, young plants used direct on inactive parts. The healing acids in the plant break down fast after picking, so pick fresh, then extract in alcohol. Dry leaves can be used in teas for the nutritive factor.

Personal Notes

Ever woken up with a stiff finger, or a sore joint? My bit of personal remedy for isolated arthritis flair ups, is to search for a young, stingy nettle plant. Pick it  and wrap the area of pain. I keep it on as long as it feels active and stingy. I notice the next day, my pain and stiffness of the joint is greatly reduced. Yes, I have some small red-bumpy like patterns around the area, but I’m fine with it, as long as I have relief and blisters subside with in 24 hours. Also, reflect upon the properties of the herb. Like nettle, when the properties are stingy and poky, you can relate the symptoms to the healing benefits. When you look at herbs from this perspective, the whole healing connection begins to form.

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