Gebakken garnalen en calamares

gebakken garnalen en calamari
gebakken garnalen en calamari

Een zware klus, maar iemand moet het doen!

Gebakken garnalen en calamares is niet om te lachen. Gearing up bij de voorbereiding van deze maaltijd is ook niet om te lachen. Eigenlijk, Ik vond elke maaltijd die mishandeling en frituren gaat is allesbehalve eenvoudig. De stappen die betrokken zijn niet moeilijk op zichzelf. It’s a process which requires patience and skill. In the first few attempts of frying foods, I found my skill was rather weak. My results were often soggy, or border-line burnt, or I had problems with the coating sticking enough to fry.

My mom is a great fryer. She has a good systematic approach, and keeps her oil clean, and hot. I think I’ve also finally achieved mastery with this skill. Like my mom, the key is to having clean, organized steps, and patting the meat or fish before the egg/flour process is essential. Daarnaast, you must work with a special oil especially for frying. With a clean, clear approach, frying becomes less intimidating and very rewarding. I’m not boasting for frying up your food, but I think when you do it, do it right. Keep it to aspecial occasionfor eating fried food. I think we can all say, we love fried foods, but we know too, their not the healthiest.

Eerste, I like to keep it special. Tweede, I have a problem with inventory from the ocean. We all know the horrors taking place under the see. From pollutants, to plastics, to over fishing, I feel guilty enough engaging in my annual Christmas Eve fry, but for now, I’m holding on to it.

Gebakken garnalen en calamares

Genieten, adapt, take along and present your family with a lasting, loving meal.
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Fried Calamari and shrimp

  • 1/2 pond fish per persoon
  • 2-6 cups meel om te frituren
  • 6 medium eieren
  • 1 liter frying oil biologisch!


  • get your fish purchased from a fair, local and organic source if necessary. Rinse well with cold water, then pat dry w/ paper towel.
  • start the process of dipping the patted dry fish into the egg, then into the flour.
  • separate on a platter the finished product ready for frying
  • fry in hot, ready frying oil until golden brown, usually around 2-3 notulen. Afhaalmaaltijd, place on paper towel for excess grease, then layer up on platter and keep warm in a 50 mate (Celsius) oven.
  • assemble together before serving
    gebakken garnalen en calamari
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