Peg Solitaire, anyone?

the all new, Peg Solitaire
the all new, Peg Solitaire

A Game with History

The introduction to this game gives me great pride for several reasons. First, this is a game that my husband developed. Surely, the idea of Peg Solitaire is not an original idea. A simple internet search will easily identify the origins of this game, thus dating back several hundred years. In fact, it’s been noted that by the middle 1600’s, peg solitaire had a great presence in French society and was often played fondly by French Nobility.

Second, we think the timing couldn’t be better. Sometimes, simplicity is best. We’re all dealing with too much stress these days. From the plandemic to the crazy political spectrum, sometimes we all just need a bit of quiet. This game just might be able to help with finding some peace. To just sit and chill on the sofa and play a game you can hold in your hand is somehow calming. But if sitting isn’t your idea of relaxing, and your happier on the go, Peg Solitaire travels with ease. It’s small enough and secure enough to bring along anywhere. And don’t forget, bringing the compact portable game up to the mountain cabin, or along camping is a must.

Quiet yourself down…

Our goal with this game is to hopefully provide a bit of solace, a bit of solitude, a bit of quiet to you as you hold the warm wooden game in your hand and begin to strategize your win.

game with box

Peg Solitaire has evolved itself from a game for the entertainment to a thinking game. Yet this is not surprising since it was originally invented in the 17th Century by a French mathematician! The goal with this game is to have as few pegs left as possible. That usually varies between 1 and 4 pegs remaining.

Points of highlight

Some key features on this new game are: 100% Swiss made. Being designed by a Swiss Engineer, nobody understands simplicity and logic better, which will explain the special and unique design feature of the “instant play” as a plus. Concluding that this feature means hassle free setup, which saves times and avoids missing or lost pegs. And, not to forget the bit of “vintage” that lives in the game. It’s true that our special peg shape is partially designed from my husband’s Grandmother’s Solitaire game which is over a hundred years old. The final great feature to this game is that it’s equipped with a magnet closure.

There are many versions of this game out there. From wooden dowels to marbles, everyone has their own take. As you can see our take on this game is merging an age old idea to meet the needs of the modern life we all live today. We believe the player will see the extra steps in quality we have delivered. No short cuts were taken, we strive to only deliver quality.

swiss design

Swiss Made, Swiss Design

Made entirely from Swiss products and Swiss ingenuity, it’s just as you would expect-loaded with Swiss quality. Modeled to represent the Swiss symbol and flag, the Swiss Cross, this game is unique and a prodigy of its homeland. The entire game was derived in Switzerland and made in Switzerland. In a time where there is too much importing, it makes us proud to say our game is totally and entirely made in Switzerland.

the pegs

Our hope is that you all enjoy the game as we have. Give this game a permanent place on your bookshelf, your coffee table, your backpack, or in your vacation home. Sit around and try to beat your own record on a rainy or snowy day. Bring it along on travels and adventures. We hope this game will be in your family for generations to come.

Play Objective

The object of the game is to have as few pegs left in the end as possible. There are 33 pegs in total. To start, remove one peg from anywhere. The removal allows for the jumping process to begin. Now you begin your play. Your options are to move the peg by jumping forward, backward and sideways. Diagonal moves NOT allowed. Permitted is to jump one peg at a time. However, don’t underestimate the simplicity of this game. But rather think of it as a solo game based on skill, intelligence and a bit of luck. A perfectly played game is when there you have only 1 peg left in the middle of the board. You’ll see the competitive spirit arise in yourself and others who play to achieve the record. It’s fun, it’s basic and it’s a great brain teaser. (click here to see a live play)

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Where to Purchase

Our game will be available for immediate purchase from BeerliSchweiz.

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