Pink Peony flowers

Peony flower
Peony flower

The Pink Peony flower, is one of the most symbolic flowers found in nature.  Native to China, Southern Europe and the Mediterranean, these flowers have a strong history in ancient medicine. Today, the “Pink Peony” is known as the 12th Year-Wedding Anniversary flower.  The pink peony in particular symbolizes luck and prosperity.  In my garden, they are a true symbol of  my love to spring, warmer weather, and flowers putting on a big show.  I was not responsible for planting mine though, and it’s known, that once a peony is planted, it can live year after year, up to 100 years!

Columbus was said to have written about these flowers when he discovered them in his journeys to many foreign lands. He called them “roses”  and describing them as “the biggest roses he had ever seen”.  Peony’s are special, they are fragrant, and they are very delicate.  So much beauty in one magnificent ball.  I wanted to share with you my peony’s.  I’m proud, and they clear the gray out of any day in my world.  Pick some fresh peony’s, let their smell enter your home and bring you nothing but pleasure and delight. 

Happy Spring!

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