Queen Anne’s Lace (wild carrot)

Queen Anne’s Lace (wild carrot): Rich in volatile oils, thus stimulates mucous in respiratory and gastrointestinal tracts, stimulates kidneys, and has powerful diuretic effects, and successfully used for treating osteoarthritis, and back pain.
Treats: chronic cough, shallow breathing, indigestion, thin or overweight, low liver f function, constipation, thread worms, frequent urination, edema, stones, gout deposits, water retention, weight gain (beer belly), puffiness, swollen feet, back pain, infertility, low sex drive, tired muscles, fibromyalgia, gout, minor aches and pains from arthritis, sores,
Usage: green seed in a high proof alcohol. 1 oz. of water over a teaspoon of dried tops or seeds.
Not to be used during pregnancy

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