Red Cabbage Salad

Vibrant in color and flavor!

Red Cabbage Salad

A red cabbage salad is appropriate just about any time of the year, but it’s especially delicious when your cabbage is direct from your little home garden. The flavor from red cabbage is in my mind, a bit different from that of the green cabbage. I’m a huge fan of this colorful cruciferous vegetable. Not only is red cabbage beautiful, but it’s packed with health, flavor and options. From phytochemicals, to antioxidants, to vitamins and nutrients.

Paired alone, perhaps cabbage isn’t as delightful in taste as it is in color. However, the right dressing is the key in any cabbage salad. My inspiration for this salad was triggered from a little bakery in Glarus, Switzerland. On the road, and unable to break for a nice lunch, my husband and I opted for a ‘to go’ lunch. The local bakery offered a red cabbage salad, with red peppers as a to-go option. Hungry for vegetables, I snatched it up. We couldn’t wait to devour this lovely beauty. This salad delivered the perfect punch. It was crunchy, light, savory and full of health benefits-from the fresh green chives, to the crunchy sweetness of the red pepper, I couldn’t get this down fast enough. Coupled with a nice peanut oil and balsamic vinaigrette, it was truly memorable.

Easy to recreate, this salad is great alone, or as an accompaniment to a veggie burger, or in your hippy bowl. Be sure to make enough though, because I guarantee, you’ll want seconds and thirds!

Red Cabbage Salad

This light, delicious crispy red cabbage salad makes any day brighter. It's a salad that goes great alone, or as a side dish to any food option.
Course Salad
Cuisine American
Keyword Salad, vegan
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 0 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Servings 4 people


  • 1 head red cabbage
  • 1 large red pepper
  • 1 bunch chives Schnittlauch in german
  • 2 TBS olive oil
  • 2 TBS peanut oil
  • 2-3 TBS balsamic vinegar
  • 1 TBS Hemp seeds


  • slice the cabbage thin and put in a bowl. Cut your pepper in a small diced fashion, as well as the chives. Mix the dressing and toss together.
  • This salad is the perfect accompaniment to your hippy bowl.
  • top with avocado
  • sprinkle your hemp seeds on the top, and enjoy
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