Setting up a Home Firewall

May 2018:
Q: How do you setup a firewall that does not cost more then CHF 200?
A: First you need to find the Hardware. I can suggest Pc Engines since their products are available worldwide (Europe, Switzerland and Americas)


What do you need?
First you need to determine if you want to have a 3G/LTE modem as well. Since my setup is not critical I opted not to have the motherboard optimized for LTE.
I used the following motherboard (The heat spreader kit is included with apu boards)

Do you want Wifi ? (optional):
– for Wifi you need the following motherboard apu3c4
– wle200nx or wle600vx wifi module ( Note: the wle600vx is not supported by all operating systems)
– 2 pigsma pigtail cable
– 2 antsma / antsmadb antenna

My setup is a standard firewall, no Wifi, no 3G modem optimized. Here are the parts I used: (I like the color red for a firewall but you have also the option blue and black)

With the preassembly option, you do not need the template to place the cooling pads and the unit is ready for the software setup nor do you need the cooling pads, they are included with every motherboard.

Next you decide on what firewall software you want to run. Both options below are a complete package with OS and I really like the following 2, meaning you can have multiple firewalls in series.
– OPNSense (frequent updates)
– pfSense


to follow

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