Spicy Salt

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3 Salts

Spicy salt is a great addition to the appropriate dish.  Of course, I use it in most every dish.  From eggs, to salads, and everything in between, and in addition, it’s a great little gift item to friends or as a hostess gift.

Not just your mother’s white salt anymore

It’s an easy item to have on hand in the pantry (pre-made), and it’s a huge “must” to have easy access to your salt(s) during cooking (such as a tri-pod holder). But, contrary to what you might believe, all salts are not created equal.  It’s been my practice for several decades to work with 3 salts.  Sea Salt, Ur-Salz (old bed salt) and Pink Himalayan.  My sea-salt is used for meats, water boils, rice and in foods where I’m looking for a bit more flavor through salt.  The Ur-salz I use just as I use the Himalayan.  Both salts seem to be more delicate in flavor, but deliver a powerhouse in trace mineral content.  It’s great in salads, pastas, on popcorn, or use it  just as your finish seasoner.

Avoid the by-products in salt

The base of my spicy salt is normally a finer sea salt, or the ur-salz.  Just be sure that your salt choices are with out the additional chemicals that they insist on adding.  Avoid salt with iodine or aluminum hydroxide or fluoride.

Himalayan Salts:

Himalayan Salt

A light pink salt hailing from the Himalayan’s. This salt is a type of rock salt mined from ancient salt beds in the Himalayan mountains. Since these salt beds are ancient an dried, they don’t have the contamination risk of modern sea salts and contain dozens of other trace minerals.

Sea Salt:

Sea Salt

As the name suggests, sea salt is salt mined from the sea, is higher in minerals than standard table salt, and considered a more natural form.

Salt tripod

Follow the very casual recipe below, and feel free to create more options.


1C. Sea Salt

4-Tbs. Cayenne

4-Tbs. Paprika

Take a good base sea salt, one that is not fortified with fluoride and chemicals, and preferably one that comes from an old salt depository with heritage (from fossils)

Add your organic spices.  Shake and store.

finished spicy salt

I use a tri-pod which I always keep by my stove.  In it I hold my “Ursalz” (old sea salt), pink Himalayan, and either a herbal salt, or my spicy salt.  It’s a joy to pinch your own creation as a finisher for taste and to enhance the flavor.

p.s. “Ur” is the root in German for Great…like ancestors.  For example, Ur-grosseltern, means your great grand parent’s.  It’s a word which is a symbol of good.  So, in this case w/ salt, it comes from the old, old salt beds from rocks w/ fossil and nothing but natural added goodness from centuries prior.

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