Spring & Summer

Quick Fresh Fruit Jelly

Source: My mother-in-law about 1990’s. My mom and I have ...
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Vegetable Burrito’s

Source: Mayumi’s Kitchen Macrobiotic Cooking vegetable burritos The Macrobiotic burrito ...
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Beet Salad-with Fresh Mint (Delicious!)

Source: Myself; cir. 1997 Delicious & amazing Prepare to be ...
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Spinach Quiche

Source: Mom cir. 1980's The rebirth of the spinach quiche ...
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Roasted Vegetables

Source: Rochelle. cir. 1990's Roasted Vegetables Roasted vegetables has to ...
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baba ghanouj - ghanoush

Baba Ghanoush

Source: Adapted from “The New Vegetarian Epicure” cookbook baba ghanouj ...
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chicken soup base

Home-made Chicken stock

Source: Rochelle 2011 chicken soup base Making your own chicken ...
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fresh salsa chutney

Fresh Chutney

Source: Rochelle about 2010 fresh salsa chutney Fresh chutney is ...
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Source: Adapted from “The New Vegetarian Epicure” cookbook Guacamole, a ...
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Raspberry Crumble

Source: Me. 1990's Raspberry Crumble The history of crumble The ...
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Pizza a la Giovanni

Source: Giovanni Cir. 1970’s(Giovanni had his own Pizza ristorante in ...
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finished zucchini muffin

Zucchini Muffins

Source: An evolution over the years, from mom. cir. 1980's ...
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