State of Disunion

No shake Trump
No shake Trump

Disunity is divisive

Some of you may know, I’m an American (citizen) living abroad since 2011. Consequently, after last night’s show, I just can’t help wonder if this in fact was Trump’s “State of the Union” address? Perhaps there was a type-o? Or was it meant to read, “The State of Disunion” address? As a result, I believe I’m not alone with my thoughts of what we all witnessed last night. Thus declaring it the worst version of “politics” I’ve seen from both sides, ever.

Nancy tears his speech up
Nancy tears his speech up

There’s a clear path that politics is taking. In fact, it’s going beyond politics. Today, American’s are being lead into the lion’s den so to speak. Politics no longer is back ground music, but it’s in fact demanding center stage from its audiences. “Listen to me!” it shouts. “Watch me, now!” it insists. It’s quickly becoming American culture and lifestyle, this thing called politics. It even has the attention of the world.

In the beginning of Trump’s presidency, American’s living abroad couldn’t go anywhere with out being asked the question, “what do you think?”, which quickly changed to “what a clown”. Though I cannot put Obama on the pedestal and hail him as a god, he was certainly a lot more bearable to accept than this guy. Obama was relatable, he was a flawed individual who wanted to give the world hope.

Recognize the warning signs

If anyone is unfamiliar with the term, “narcissist”, here’s the online definition per Wikipedia: Narcissism is the pursuit of gratification from vanity or egotistic admiration of one’s idealized self image and attributes. This includes self-flattery, perfectionism, and arrogance. The term originated from Greek mythology, where the young Narcissus fell in love with his own image reflected in a pool of water. America is being managed, governed,and run by a full-blown narcissist. It’s as dangerous as living with one. Trump is an average nasty narcissistic guy, who’s seen some success in life and feels entitled. His un-edited approach, his “speaking from the heart” style-that most often leaves me gasping and shocked! His no-holds bar attacks on individuals who think different than he does, and his desperate need for the spot lite-all warning signs.

The beginning(s) of Trump grabbed my attention. Had we found ourselves an under-dog? Was this a man who appeared to be able to say whatever he wanted? He possessed a no-holds bar attitude, a very non-woke attitude, and I liked it. It was a glimpse of non-politics and it was perhaps refreshing. He had a common, relatable trait that you could like in anyone, or at the very least, want to like in anyone.

Just a normal guy

How many of us have this crazy “Trump guy” in our family? The one we all shake our heads at during Thanksgiving dinner. Trump, as it turns out is a pretty common guy. He gets up every morning, puts on a red tie, and heads to the office. He’s a bull-shitter at heart, a real survivor who shows up at his desk and gives his groupies a ring to check on the status of his “deals”. Be it Donnie, Kuschner or Putin, it’s all the same and all in a days work. He’s all about making the deal. All about boasting rights, bragging about his victories, deals put together by his “smooth operator” style and naming directly who he has by the neck. Sadly, we all know a guy like this who has traits you either love or hate.

Disunity is spreading

Sadly, I feel the state of disunion in fact is all around us. In America, with or with out the help of Trump, we have neighbors fighting with neighbors, children fighting with parent’s. Teacher’s with no authority. Friends fighting with friends. Sex trafficking, homelessness. Stranger to stranger crimes are on the rise, hate crimes are in no way going away, and police violence is uncontrollable. And that’s just the social aspect. If we talk about disunion in the animal, plant and environmental side, well, we all know how that’s turning out.

I feel the profound need as somebody who’s watching this whole thing unfold in the U.S., to offer a bit of perspective here. I say, hold on to what you’ve got. For me, that means family. Hold your family close. Family is the definition by what you give it. But for clarity here’s the official definition per “The Free Dictionary”: n. pl. fam·i·lies 1. a. A fundamental social group in society typically consisting of one or two parents and their children. For many of us, it’s the traditional meaning of family. To more enlightened soles, family is inclusive of friends, pets, mother nature, or whatever else you hold near and dear to your heart. Keep those things close, not politics.

Time to reconnect

We can no longer continue to divide ourselves by the political beliefs which separates us. A person running any country, doesn’t have the right to tell you how to think. Or have we mixed up the word democracy with dictatorship? Encourage the day when we have enough faith in ourselves to know the difference between right and wrong. Are we capable of such action? Or do we rely on being governed, like a heard of cattle? Or worse, have we just become a simple society who would be lost with out this delicate game of govern-ship. In other words, are they giving us what they want?

Perspective from a distance

Living abroad in what’s been called, “the most expensive place to live in the world”. In a country which achieves being ranked among the top 5 “best countries in the world to live” year after year, has allowed me to open my eyes and evaluate from a distance. What’s going on in my homeland? I almost don’t recognize it. Even coming from California, a bubble in its own right, bursting at the seams. That is unless you’re not homeless or renting. But now I see, living away from my native land, that it’s not the great place I once thought it to be. In fact, I now see it in a whole new light.

Time to go

In 2011, it became my realization that America wasn’t the place I wanted to call home anymore. From my eyes, it was just a land that plays politics. All you had to do is take a walk down any down-town street, in any city in the U.S., and you’ll see streets packed full of homeless, mentally ill, and veteran’s living on the park benches, in parks, or under bridges. It became normal to see homeless people standing at the off-ramps from the freeways, holding signs begging for money. What kind of society allows that? Who tolerates that as ‘normal’? Sadly, “the Greatest Country in the World” does.

It makes me sad to realize the state of affairs in the U.S.. America is up against a culture of social media lead information that is poured into our computers and phones, with the hopes we all take it in. It’s evolved into a shameless society and will shame you for wherever it can find fault. Trump has used and abused his tweets and social media to the upmost, thus embracing the cyber bully mentality. The fact is, our government is in deep trouble.

Fix the Problems!

When the Iowa caucus can’t even get the pre-count right, then what the hell are we all hanging on this race for? It’s obvious that the entire democratic system is rigged, and has been for years. There are endless suggestions, examples, solutions in preventing voter fraud and hacking from ever occurring. However, our government feels, “why fix it if it aint broken.”

The subtle shift

Sadly, I think disunion has been in the works for decades. The only difference from the past is the mentality. Today, acts of cheating, lying and bullying are the norm. A tactic in fact, which was introduced during the W Bush era. Cheating that once took place behind closed chambers is now being committed directly in front of us. No need to hide anymore. Air your dirty laundry in the streets, so to speak. Today, world leaders only need to deny, deny, deny. Russia does it, China does it. The U.S. does it. It’s beginning to all blend together, the fact and fiction of every political event. A big blurry haze. One could say it reminds you of your cheating husband, denying that he fucked your best friend.

Make life beautiful

winter gardening
winter gardening

Offer a solution here…

Well, what are you going to believe? Seems to me, the only thing real for us to control in our lives now is cooking! Cooking, has proven to be a great outlet for me. More often than not, it’s the way I make a great day for myself, by time spent in the kitchen creating, baking, and cooking. I love providing a finished meal for my family as they all come home from their hard day. Even if it’s one by one, we still manage to sit at the table together, eat and connect.

Finding your outlet

Nurturing is a trait that is quickly fading from our lives. We seem to be too busy to nurture, too busy to cook, too busy to care. For me it’s the kitchen that heals. For the musician David Byrne,(from Talking Heads) it’s his on-Broadway theater performance “American Utopia“, that heals. A performance which is expressing the same bit of emotion I’m expressing to you. We’re broken, and we need a fix.

But I say, hold on to that nurture string and pull it back into your family and into your life. Find out what is important to you, and make it stand in front. Give it the most amount of attention you can, and make it flourish. It’s just time to stop letting politics take, command, and distract you from your life.

  • winter gardening
    winter gardening
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