A New Summer Garden

Summer garden with lettuce
Summer garden with lettuce

My Summer garden is officially on track.  It’s the second week of June 2018, and I’m pretty happy thus far with what I’ve selected for planting.  As you can see above, I’ve selected a few different varieties of lettuce.  Very easy to grow, just have to fight daily with teeny, tiny slugs!

I’ve selected a few varieties of beets, both the red and the golden this year.  The normal kohlrabe (root veg too) and my new star item is brussel sprouts, something which I’ve never grown before.  I left the onion crop in from last year, it seems hard to get rid of, so I figured, I’ll just let it be slug food if need be, because I’m pretty certain they wont do much more than grow the green, then flower.  So far, so good.

You can see below, I have two rows of beans and four peas.  I was late getting them in the ground, but after 2 weeks, they are already a few inches tall.  I also have a patch of radishes, and in the pots, I have started tomatoes and peppers.

Note:  the blue watering tub in the back is a concoction of a natural fertilizer that I made from borage leafs and nettle leafs.  This combination is extremely rich for plants just beginning out, needing some extreme growth.  It works quite well.  I keep the mixture year round and just keep adding water.

I’ll keep you updated with the progress.

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