Swiss Bread: Aargauer Brot

Aargauer bread, the shape is determines the taste
Aargauer bread, the shape is determines the taste

Swiss Aargauer bread is our neighboring canton, and sadly, this bread was not an easy bread to find. We searched all the neighboring bakeries in the Aargau region with no success. It seems the popularity and demand from this Aargauer Brot has fizzled. I’m not quite convinced that this is the choice of the public, but rather the baker. When we gave up our search, we did what we usually will do with a local baker, request one. It was no problem to make this bread upon request, the local baker  Has Canton Aargau dropped it’s legendary bread position, only to be known for it’s carrot cake? I hope not, because this bread should not be forgotten!

Characteristics of Bread

Typical in character, this bread has a longish form with pointed ends.  We requested the bread to be a “Ruchbrot”. Ruchbrot is a wheat flour mix. It has a slight “s” form sliced along the top, end to end. In order to give the bread the typical shine, you have to brushed it with hot water during the finishing process of baking.

The results of this bread were quite pleasing.  Why is this bread so hard to find?  The bread is airy, with a perfect amount of denseness to it.  It’s crunchy on the top, and soft on the bottom, and for being a Ruchbrot, you’d never know it!  My vote is to get this bread back into full production!  It’s a hit in my book.

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