Swiss Bread: Aargauer Brot

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The Aargauer bread is our next post.  It was not an easy bread to find however.  We searched all the neighboring bakeries in the Argau region with no avail.  This bread was no where to be found!  Upon special request from the local baker, he said he could make us the bread, no problem.  It seems that the Kanton of Aargau was known for it’s carrot cake, but no longer for it’s bread.  Typical in character, this bread has a longish form with pointed ends.  The dough is usually made from Ruch or Halbweiss flour, and has a slight “s” form sliced along the top, end to end.  Lastly, this bread is brushed with hot water, thus giving the bread the typical shine when finished and baked.

The results of this bread were quite pleasing.  I’m puzzled as to why it’s so hard to find.  The bread is airy, with a perfect amount of denseness to it.  It’s crunchy on the top, and soft on the bottom, and for being a ruchbrot, (bread made from wheat flour), you’d never know it!  My vote is to get this bread back into full production!  It’s a hit in my book.

  • trademark shape
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