Swiss Bread: Basler Brot

Basler bread

The ‘Basler Brot’ also called “Basler Laibli” was made popular in the 1940’s, but the recipe was first found in the late 1700’s in an old  baking journal.   This bread is also one of the few Swiss breads made with  a starter-that is a special mixture of dough left out overnight to grow and enrich itself for the big day of being combined to start the new bread.  This mother process ensures a light airy bread with distinct flavor.  Both of which can be found in the Basler.  The other unusual process with this bread is that it uses a lot of water for the dough.  The dough, once formed, is left to sit and rise on a wooden board.  Once it’s risen, it’s then molded into the oval shaped and sent to bake.  The crunchy crust of this bread is achieved through a damp baking process.  Thus ensures this very special ending-the crunch is heard upon the first bite, but the soft airy center gives way-and I’m pretty certain when I say, you will never forget the taste of this lovely, lovely bread!

*Basler Brot is made with Ruchmehl (wholegrain flour) or halbweiss (half dark-half white).


(to give a visual to my description of an airy bread, compare to the right, the St. Galler Brot-see the difference?)

from the bakery Rüebliland

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