Swiss Bread: Berner Brot

another beautiful angle

The Berner Brot is as lovely as the Mid-Evil city.  A brief history of Bern:  It’s the countries capital, and it’s where the parliament building is.  It is perched on the River Aare, and has a beautiful view of the Bernese Alp Range.  If that wasn’t enough, Bern was home to Albert Einstein in the early 20 century as well as the Einstein Museum, it’s home to Switzerland’s most influential artist, Paul Klee (1879-1940), and in 1983, was added to the Unesco World Heritage Site for the special “Laube” or “arcade” cobble stone alley/streets that is a wonderful open shopping area oozing with charm, culture, and world heritage!

Now, the bread which hails from this important region is a special bit of history rolled up into 500 grams of flour, water and yeast.  This bread is made with “ruch” or wheat flour grown from the region.  It’s round in shape, and is given a cut down the long center part before the bake.  We do have a few other round breads from other canton’s, but this one is special in it’s perfect form, and even though it’s made with ‘ruch’ mehl, or wheat flour, it’s appearance is that of an artesian white, or farmer’s bread in the sense that it’s light in color on the inside, and so soft, airy and delicate.  Upon the end of the bake, the bread is stroked with a brush of water to give it the crunchy, yet shiny finish.  It’s the perfect bread for the crazy’s who like to toast their bread (me), and my first time experience is a delighted one.

The Berner take pride in their bread.  It’s wrapped in the special baker fashion, with the hopes that it will be taken home and enjoyed.  My advice to you is, when in Bern, sample the Berner Brot! (my loaf was purchased from Amme Beck, Bernerstr. 8, Alchenfluh)

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