Swiss Bread: Glarner Brot

Glarner Brot, bread from canton Glarus
Glarner Brot, bread from canton Glarus

Swiss Bread: Glarner Brot, not as easy to find as one might think. But when you set out to find the local Kanton’s bread in each Kanton, sometimes the pursuit doesn’t deliver. So, you enter this game with a goal in mind, and you don’t stop until you’ve achieved it.

It’s all about the crunch!

The history of Glarus is long and turbulent, however the Glarner Brot is something which can be relied upon as being a world class bread. Traditionally, the Glarner bread is made from either ‘ruch’ (wheat) flour alone, or combined with ‘halbweiss’ flour (half white, half wheat). The shape is well defined as being a long loaf, split down the middle, thus exposing the bit of softness rising between the hard cracks. What sets Glarner Brot aside from the other breads is yes, the shape, but more importantly, the hard crunchy, rustic crust of this bread. Before the bake, the loaf of dough is slit down the middle. After after the bake, the loaf is painted with hot water, to ensure a light glaze and crunchy exterior.

This was no surprise to me that the Glarner Brot was not such an easy find. Many of the local bakeries offered a ton of assortments from the region. From the pear roll, to the Glarner Pastete which is a light delicate pastry cake filled with almonds and plums. But the different assortment of breads was beyond impressive and was down right irresistible.

  • Glarner Brot, bread from canton Glarus

With all that, we found the Glarner bread to still be the star of our show. This bread was delicious. True to it’s tradition, this bread is packed with a hearty, crunchy crust, but the inside was amazingly delicate, light, airy and scrumptious! I know, it’s only bread, but this is in fact Glarner Brot!

Glarner brot with my hippy bowl

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