Swiss Bread: Luzerner Brot

lucerne bread – Luzerner Brot or also called lucerne weggen

This is the famous lucerne bread or Luzerner Weggen.  This bread has a distinctive look, the only one in fact out of the ‘Swiss” breads that have this characteristic-the slit.  The slit is formed down the long side of the bread, I think to give the user the option of splitting it in half to maybe freeze the other half and keep it fresh, while only using the one fresh half.  I haven’t been able to find any history on this bread other than it is unique in that it’s made with the Ruchmehl (which is a wheat flour of good quality) and it’s combined with a sour-dough starter, thus the immense airy quality of this bread.  Second, it’s formed slit is not cut, but rather formed, more than likely with a wood tool for bakers, or a side of the hand, it’s not cut.  Last, to achieve this incredibly crispy crust, it’s baked at a very high temperature, thus explaining it’s darker crust exterior.  It’s a truly lovely bread that has a very special aroma.  A Canton dating back to the 700’s, thus making it’s official debut as one of the first 3 Canton’s joining the Swiss Confederacy in the 1300’s, I think this bread has more of a history than it’s revealing.  One thing is for sure, the taste, the smell, and the soft airy texture of the inside of this bread.  It’s amazing!

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