Swiss Bread: St.Galler Brot

From the bakery Hächler
This is one of our family favorites…maybe because my husband came from this canton and it was one of the first Swiss bread’s I tasted, or maybe because it really is a fine bread.  It’s different from the other’s in the sense that it’s a dense bread, yet an airy bread if that makes sense.  When you cut a piece as you can see in the picture, it has air pockets, but if you look at the whole bread, it looks dense.  The shape of St. Galler is rather special.  It’s made in a circular mound usually with a torn front.  From what I’ve heard on the origination of it’s shape was that it was originally made in a 2.5 kilo form, and formed in a taller circle shape.  This was because in the older times, bread was not made daily, but rather once a week.  In order to keep the freshness, they decided to cut it from the top.  When they got to the end of the week, the bread still had freshness to it, due to the shape.  This is one of the most popular bread shapes in Switzerland.  St. Galler bread comes in two varieties; either ‘Ruch’ (dark bread), or Halbweiss (dark mixed with white flour).  Both are equally delicious.  Almost eight hundred years old, this bread is still made by hand and it takes quite a skill to form it.

All that’s required of this bread is to be sure you enjoy it with some organic swiss butter, and a nice home-made jelly (Confiture).

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