Swiss Bread: Tessiner Brot

Ticino bread
comparing the bread from the bakery and the supermarket

Quite possibly, one of my favorite breads!  For my family, this bread is special because it’s unlike our normal daily bread.  As you’ve read from previous posts, we like the darker breads made with Ruchmehl (or wholegrain flour mix).  But, when a bread from Ticino “Tessiner Brot” comes into our house, it has a very short life span.  It’s delicious when it’s fresh and sometimes if you’re lucky,  warm.

Bean eater with the Ticino Bread

The bean eater
The Beaneater in 1584

The “Tessiner Brot” comes from the Ticino region, which is the Italian region of Switzerland.  If anyone knows anything about Italian’s, it’s that they love their soft, white artesian bread.  Even in bakeries in Italy you can find this bread. The ‘pane ticinese’ has quite a long standing history in Switzerland. If you look at the painting by the Italian artist Annibale Carracci you wlll see the Ticino bread. I read that the bread has been originally brought to Switzerland from Italy. The usual size for the loaves was 1 kg (Kilogram or about 2 lbs).

The bread was sold as needed by the customer. Either in pieces, halves, wholes or whatever the size. You broke off the piece for the customer and wrapped it to go. Apparently this bread got it’s revival over the years bringing it back to popularity in the 1950’s. It was then officially showcased as the bread of Ticino.

Again, bread is special.  The whole experience of stopping into a bakery, seeing the delights of the day, picking your choice and the wrap up for the way home…it’s all part of the end result.   Something I wish we as American’s could enjoy, no matter where you lived.  This is, in my opinion, denying us of the simple pleasures in life.

from the bakery Wirth

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