Swiss Breakfast

Typical Swiss breakfast table
Typical Swiss breakfast table

Start a Tradition

A Swiss breakfast is something I crave.  The tradition was first introduced into my every day life almost 25 years ago, when my lovely mother-in-law invited us to her home in Greece for a first-time visit and a little holiday.   I arose the proceeding morning to the lovely smell of coffee, which excitedly lead me to the kitchen where I found a simple, but lovely dressed table that seemed to almost pull me to sit down.  My eyes were full of delight.  Bread, home-made jams, coffee, a soft boiled egg…I didn’t know where to begin.  Simplicity was the motto here.  This was a normal thing for her and her family.  Something so simple, yet the best way to start the day, together as a family. 

Deciding early on to continue this lovely breakfast tradition with our family is still something we do today. Even with busy schedules and hectic lives, we still try to share a breakfast during the week or on weekends together.

Offering variety for the breakfast table is key. Make your table special, and add to the table what the local variety offers. The special breads offered in bakery’s here In Switzerland, or the special bread rolls, the croissant, or the Italian loaf, always a welcome site at the table. An assortment of bread, home-made jelly’s, delicious butter, warm drink, and don’t forget the egg.

Interested in a Swiss vegan breakfast?

another nice breakfast table, yet simple

The perfect soft boiled egg in 6 min

So, how do you cook the perfect egg?  We like the medium boiled egg where the yolk is still soft yet not loose, and the white is firm, not jiggly.  After years of cooking eggs, my method was not yet perfected.  Sometimes the eggs cracked while boiling, sometimes the eggs were jiggly inside, and sometimes it was perfect. 

Finally, after a few experiments we discovered the steps that work for us at 450m above see level. Eggs are large, not medium and not extra large.

  • Boil enough water to cover eggs (about 2-3 inches of water)
  • Put eggs in boiling water with a large spoon
  • Reduce heat to medium-high (from 0..9) at 7 and put lid on
  • Set timer for 6 minutes
  • Once the timer goes off
  • Turn the heat off and take pot to sink
  • Drain water and use cold water to rise for 20-30 seconds
  • Take the egg out, eat and enjoy!

Crack and cut the egghead off

Yes, the egg’s head must be cracked or peeled, and there are a few ways people do this.  First, you can take an egg spoon and give the egg’s head a good knock with the back of the spoon.  Several knocks, and you can peal the egg head piece by piece. Now you begin to eat the egg with a spoon. 

Second method is to take the knife, and give the egg a good whack just below the top point. (Make sure you use your index finger from your other hand to hold the egg) Once whacked, then the knife takes the head off, perfect size to spoon out the egg, bite by bite.  This second method is the one that is used by our family.  It’s clean, and you omit the egg shell mess everywhere, including in your mouth. 

Another thing many people don’t know about is how to season your 6 minute egg.  We prefer the addition of a pinch of high quality pink salt just sprinkled on every bite.  Not too much, but just enough to give the egg a nice flavor, bite by bite.

The quick way: how to cut the top of an egg, Swiss style
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