Swiss Vegan Breakfast

Swiss vegan breakfast table
Swiss vegan breakfast table

Going vegan has surprisingly been a very easy transition. Who would know better than I, the morning coffee breakfast queen. I adored starting my day with a nice cup of java with cream, fresh sliced bread with butter and jams, accompanied with my 5 minute egg. But I’m here to pitch a new idea to you….the swiss vegan breakfast v2.

Switzerland’s roots with grains and breads go back centuries. They’ve managed to keep their lands and fields in full production of growing grains during the spring/summer months, so that their ‘heirloom’ grain based products can make it on their tables. Certainly, bread is one of them. But not just any bread. We’re talking bread with sustenance, taste, lightness, air, and varieties that go so deep, tasting every certain version would be impossible.

Not only do the Swiss love breads, but I also believe they love their breakfast too. Bichermuesli, Bürli, Zopf, and breads for the holy days, (Dreikönigskuchen ) for example. Butter, home-made jams and jellies, cheese, meat, eggs, cream, coffee and hot ovalmatine (hot schoggi). The truth is, I’ve cut nearly all of that out of my breakfast routine. Am I crazy? Yes, perhaps. But I wouldn’t go back to it for a million bucks either.

Today, our breakfast is quaint and simple, and far less indulgent. We prioritize the distinguished cup of coffee made the Italian or French way, and my ‘cream’ source is now Hafermilch, or oat milk. I’ve decided to go with out the butter, cream, egg, cheese, and meat as the topper on my breakfast breads, but I’ve opted to still allow Swiss breads onto my table. As truthfully, I’d miss the hell out of them. Is there life after butter? I do say there is. Re-acquainting myself with my nut butters, and certainly keeping my home-made spreads on the table has managed to satisfy me. In addition to breads and spreads, there’s the occasional bowl of muesli, cereal or perhaps some tofu scramble. But our new way seems to be a great step in the right direction.

Is it better? In many ways it is. As previous mentioned, going with out animal products really makes you become more aware and more spiritual about the whole animal use thing. From that sense, I like it more. But the best part for me is that this new lifestyle invites you to take the time to look at your meals and food as a more conscious effort, and with more awareness. Thus affording a better result.

My next area of conquest will be addressing my coffee issues. But, for the moment, let me fall in love with my new acquaintance….my new swiss-vegan-breakfast.

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