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The masterpiece, Timpano!

A Masterpiece or a hack?

Timpano, believe it or not, is a lovely dish originating from none other, Italy. Firstly, I say believe it or not, because it’s probably a name which many have never heard until now. Secondly, it’s a bit of a strange dish in my opinion. The combination of salami, pasta, eggs, embraced around another final layer of dough, well, it kind of seems inharmonious.

Consequently, to make this dish, is in my opinion, more of a challenge and accomplishment, rather than a culinary feat. That is to say, I do like it, but it’s not up there on my top 10 dishes. However, the looks of this dish are outstanding, and yes, you will deserve a huge pat on the back when you cut into it and serve it. But I must say, I’ve made it…now I can rest. Will I make it again? Maybe, but for a special occasion, and most definitely, it must be on a weekend!


But as we cut the timpano, I began to think and analyze this dish as it sit right in front of my eyes. I think I would most definitely add mozzarella cheese, and parmesan. In contrast, maybe I wouldn’t have made such a hearty rich sauce as I did which included pork and beef, but rather a sauce with a bit more lightness to it. The eggs? I have no idea where they came from in this recipe, but I guess it wouldn’t be timpano with out them.

The inspiration

This recipe hails from the movie, “The Big Night” with Stanley Tucci. It’s a sweet movie about two Italian brothers, looking for their big break in the cooking world. There is another similarity with the movie “Julie & Julia” where the food blogger is a muse to Julia Child-trying all her recipes out until she’s cooked them all in a year. I can say, this was the case with me. There’s a lot of preparation work here in doing this dish. Finding the right pot was my greatest challenge. The ingredient accumulation is also quite large. But, think of it as an adventure, and one thing is for certain here…your guests will NEVER forget this meal. My sister made this meal 15 years ago, it’s just something you never forget, and for that reason alone, it’s worth it.

The pictures along the way

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