The Crusts of Life

Crusts:  officially denoted as “the tough outer layer, a hardened layer or coating, or a deposit on layer of something soft”  followed by the listing of several synonyms that include but are not limited to:  covering, layer, coating, cover, coat, sheet, thickness, film, skin…etc.
A crust indeed is the essential to every pie, creme brulee, or bread.  It’s the definition of a light layer of ice, the opening of a volcano, and perhaps it defines the many layers we use to protect our inner self.

Food and life are intertwined.  Food resembles emotion, passion, moods, the future, and sustainability.  All the things that we struggle to achieve balance in our own lives.    The start of a recipe is similar to the start of life.  We take a few key ingredients, heat it up just right, and poof, out comes life!  It’s so similar, yet so different.

This rant on crusts is not my take on life.  No, it’s in fact the surprising ways we use and depend on crust itself.  After flipping through my recipes that included “crusts” and after spending more time on my favorite new cookbook “The Pie Cookbook”  I realized how important crusts are to those of us who love to cook, but more specifically to those of us who love to bake. 

Fear Not

For me, my failures and success in crusts, was always a very inconsistent process.  Though I knew when I tasted a great crust on any dessert-it was the golden seal that made the dessert a success.  I’ve failed as many times as I’ve succeeded with crusts.  Through all the ups and downs, I’ve learned one thing here with crusts, it takes consistency.  Consistency in following the written recipe,  as well as the consistency itself.  For some reason, the gentle combination of what usually is butter, water and flour is all based on a science of exact measurement.  Like I’ve mentioned before, I’m no stranger to crust but until I took the recipe from “The Pie Cookbook” it was really a shot in the dark, even with a recipe.  I think I’ve faced my fear and mastered or at least have begun to master, the sweet success with crusts.

So, after all this, here’s my conclusion.  Crust is the hard outer layer, where in almost every circumstance, is protecting the delicate fine inners.  The soft doughy bread below the crust, the delicate cream under the creme brulee,  the warm sweet apples below the crust, you see the pattern?  Go ahead ,work with crusts. Make it your goal to become a crust expert. Build a comfort level to/with them, because always, always, always, what awaits in the center of the crust is just truly amazing!

Below find a few recipes with different Crusts.

Pizza a la Giovanni
The most authentic pizza recipe around!
Buon appetito!
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Pizza a la Giovanni
Sunday Caramel Apple Pie
Try it, share it, and by all means, love it, ’cause it’s a delight! 
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Vanilla Pudding Quark Cake
This is a nice mid-century German recipe, easy to follow, and in my opinion, Germans do quark best.  Give it a whirl!Enjoy.
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Simplest Creamy Delicious Cheesecake
 I guess you’d have to give it a whirl and decide for yourself. 
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