The Power Biscotti with Chia Seeds

Biscotti mix showing anise seeds
Biscotti mix showing anise seeds

I was feeling a bit creative today when I decided to make a modern version of the Biscotti. Would adding chia seeds change my vintage recipe all that much? It was time to add a bit of power (chia seeds) and modernize something great. Hence, the birth of the all new “Power Biscotti” with Chia Seeds. My original biscotti recipe, is a recipe passed down from my family now 4 generations was an already perfect delight. My family recipe is one that has withstood the strain of time, and that had pleased everyone who’s ever tried it. It was in fact a recipe which didn’t require tweaking, but …

Power Biscotti with Chia Seeds

The Chia seed is the power food used by the ancient Mayans and Incans.  Thousands of years ago in fact, it was well known that this tiny black seed brought with it power and strength to the human body. The name, Chia is Mayan for ‘strength’, and given the benefits of Chia, you can understand why.  Chia provide and aid in lowering hypertension, lower cholesterol (bad cholesterol), cures diabetes, controls arthritis, is high in Omega’s thus providing joint support, is a aid to good dental practices, and so much more.  So, I asked myself, “why not?”.

The new Take on something old

Let’s not forget the historical position of the biscotti. Biscotti is too an ancient great in Italian culture. Found since centuries in history and recipe books, this was the original food for the Roman Legions. Yes, it’s evolved over a few hundred years, and was recently re-modernized in the late 1800’s, when it won a special mention at the World Fair in Paris. So again, maybe this addition of the chia seeds wouldn’t be so random. As it seems, Biscotti has been evolving since it’s incarnation. The amount of chia seeds is purely personal. I decided that due to the fact that the chia slime and expand when wet, only to add 2 tablespoons worth. This amount was plenty visible in each cookie after the bake. Though you can’t be overwhelmed by the taste, the seeds added texture and a bit of warmth to the biscotti.

The last change made in this particular batch was the exchange of hazelnuts for walnuts. The fact was, I didn’t have hazels or almonds in stock, so I reached for what I did have. I added 1 cup of walnuts, and honestly, you’d never have known. I do prefer the hazelnut because the taste and flavor that hazelnut give is unbeatable. However, I”m also a huge walnut lover…so, either way, this recipe wins. With a little bit of an open mind, and creative will, you never know what you can achieve in the kitchen.

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