The Power Biscotti with Chia Seeds

biscotti, finished after second bake
biscotti, finished after second bake

I was feeling a bit creative today when I decided to make a modern version of the Biscotti. Would adding chia seeds change my vintage recipe all that much? It was time to add a bit of power and modernization to something great, I thought. Hence, the birth of the all new “Power Biscotti” with Chia Seeds. My original biscotti recipe, a recipe passed down from my family now 4 generations was an already perfect delight. A recipe that has withstood the strain of time, and that had pleased everyone who’s ever tried one. It was in fact a recipe which didn’t require tweaking, but …

Power Biscotti with Chia Seeds

The Chia is the power food used by the ancient Mayans and Inca’s.  They knew back then the power and strength this tiny seed provided for humans.  The name, Chia is Mayan for ‘strength’, and given the benefits of Chia, you can understand why.  Chia provide and aid in lowering hypertension, lowering cholesterol (bad cholesterol), cures diabetes, controls arthritis, is high in Omega’s thus providing joint support, is a aid to good dental practices, and so much more.  So, I asked myself, “why not?”.

The new Take on something old

I added 2 TBS of organic Chia to the wet mix.  It was delicious and pumped up the flavor in my lovely biscotti.  In addition, since I was low on my hazelnut and almond supply, I used what I had, so I added 1 cup of walnuts.  Yet another testament to use what you have in the kitchen, and let your ingredients inspire you. Voilà, born was the Power Biscotti with Chia Seeds.


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