The Power of the Sunrise

The power of the sunrise has been a well-known tool used by enlightened people for millions of years. For Yogi’s, the sunrise offers the most beneficial practices of yoga. Known to the Ayurvedic culture as Brahma Muhurta, these are the most sacred minutes of the day, which calculates out to be 96 minutes before the sunrise. The Brahma is also the best time to practice yoga due to the Prana, or the vital life force. But you don’t have to be a devout Yogi to agree, there is magic in the air at the time of sunrise.

What’s in a sunrise?

Sunrise is a time of renewal, it’s the beginning of the day, and it’s the time to unlock the gifts the day will bring. Will this day bring positivity? Perhaps the new day will bring opportunity? Or maybe the day will bring connection? For me, there’s no greater connection than that of Nature. Nature is my driving force, my spiritual guide, my yin, my yang. With out the connection to Nature, I”m not nearly the person I’m meant to be.

Since the beginning of February, I’ve found myself being pulled from my bed somewhere around the hour before sunrise. It seems, every morning around 6 a.m., the winter wren, or ‘zaunkoenig’ in German is singing the praises of the morning. In what previously have been relatively quiet mornings with most song-birds flying to warmer climates, the winter wren will no longer participate in the stillness of Winter. Instead, he is offering songs of encouragement, optimism and hope. Something we’re all lacking in our daily lives with out the connection of nature. It’s at this time (somewhere around the 6 a.m. hour) that I’m faced with the dilemma of embracing the morning and the power of the sunrise, or turning my back on it.

Owning the morning

I’ve chosen to listen to my calls of nature, and have encouraged my family members to do the same. It’s all about the power of owning the morning. There’s nothing more empowering and at the same time, peaceful, than making the morning yours. It’s you, the fellow early risers (birds) and the sunrise who will be leading the greeting for the day. The power of the sunrise is fierce if we believe in it. It’s the time to clear your mind, and put the positive vibe out there for nature to support you. I’ve come to solve many personal problems or dilemmas, and manage to find clarity in many of the world’s problems during those early hours of dawn, on my walk.

The lifeline…

I’m finding the morning sunrise to be the tether I need to make sense of this crazy world. A world embracing the chaos of the corona virus and world domination-neither distractions I’m fond of. Building your bond to Nature is like working on that special bond with a friend or family member…well worth the time. Learn the importance of nature, make place for her in your life. Let’s regroup to the spiritual ways of the Mayas who found love, magic and strength from nature. Treat nature well, and she’ll treat you well in your life.

A good partner, and a cup of tea

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To make your Nature walk all the more spiritual, a drink that goes well with the morning sunrise, is a cup of fresh herbal tea. For me, when I’m accessing my tea cupboard, I”m thinking of the little ailments I might be feeling. For winter, it’s usually a small pinch of St. John’s Wort (helps lift the winter gray moods), followed with a nip of apple peppermint (helps with a little nasal clarity) and maybe a tad of nettle (a common herb used to help everything). Again, before you make your tea, think for a moment and access how you are feeling. You’ll come to recognize the positive effects a customized tea actually does have on your well being. Even more, you’ll learn it isn’t found in a tea bag.

Birds singing: Swiss Winter Forest 2020

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