The Veggie Burger

the best veggie burger!
the best veggie burger!

Not all ‘cheats’ are bad!

I’m not often a cheat, but sometimes it’s worth it. In the case of our newly adapted plant based diet, there’s many new things to learn about: In short, what you can and can’t live with out. A delicious burger, well I was even prepared to live with out that. Until I discovered the veggie burger! Now I’m not sure how to write about this, because you know I insist and love on cooking from scratch. Opening a mix, a package, a box and adding water is simply dissatisfying. However, there are exceptions…

With a few failed attempts making veggie burgers from scratch, I feel justified in a way to allow this little cheat. I happened to find a ‘whole-grain’ veggie burger mix in my local grocery store. It seems to be a quality find, packed with oats, and dried veggies and herbs, being all-natural, organic and vegan…well, it was hard to pass on. Though this recipe is only about opening the package, adding water and cooking the patty, it’s still worth it non the less.

Your new, whole-grain burger

With every person making the switch from a meat-based burger to a veggie based burger, you are certainly doing your part for animals and the earth alike. Even if it’s a partial switch, maybe you opt for a veggie burger 1 out of 4 times…you’re still doing more than you know for the health of our planet and for yourself. After tuning into a recent interview with Dr. Sanjay Gupta, I learned that every burger takes more or less, 600 gallons of water to get the finished meat product on the table! Think of the thousands of restaurants around the world engaging in this process, not to mention the millions of households. This is beyond astonishing, not only affecting the lives of animals and our planet, but adding insult to injury with a resource we can’t live with out…it’s time to make a change.

Beyond Burger and more

Today, you’ll find companies are scrambling to get their brand recognition in the vegetarian world with hamburgers. I’ve sampled the “Beyond Burger“. A Los Angeles based company who is now distributing world-wide. Believe it or not, I found it in the refrigerated aisle in our local Swiss grocery store. Pricing to be about Fr. 8 per patty, along with the mileage, refrigeration needs, and frankly the taste…well, it was too manufactured for me. There’s many options out there which can make the decision making process entirely confusing, but in the end, for most of us, it all boils down to taste.

My next step is to take a lesson or two from my daughter who spent the summer in Provence, France working along side a vegan Chef. She learned many things, including how to make a veggie burger from scratch. It’s entirely possible, and exciting when you put your left-overs in the food processor and out comes a nice vegan burger. But until then…I’m happy to promote my new-version of the Veggie burger.

The Veggie Burger

A wonderful, whole-grain vegetable burger…so good, you'll never miss the cow!
Course Main Course
Cuisine American
Keyword burger, vegan, Vegetables
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 25 minutes
Servings 5 patties


  • 1 pack dry veggie burger mix your choice! experiment…
  • 250 ml water hot


  • begin by carefully selecting the type of burger you would like to try. In this case, it's a 'whole-grain' mix with oats, and dry vegetable flakes and herbs.
  • open the packet, pour in a bowl, then add 250 ml. of boiling water
  • Let sit for 15 minutes, then form your patty to the shape and size desired
  • in a frying pan, add a dabble of olive oil and cook on both sides until edges are seemingly browned
  • serve on a bun, and feel free to accompany with fries
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