Vegan Lunch

A vegan lunch can bring many possibilities to the table, as well as many considerations. For one, season. Another is time that you have in preparing a meal. And, the final, most important consideration is what ingredients you have on hand.

With our newly appointed vegan lifestyle, I’m finding an abundance of creativity sweeping over me. As you can see, I’m into simple, healthy, wholesome foods. No elaborate meal options, just good vegan options that work, satisfy and leave a pleasing flavor after the meal.

Glancing at this post, you can see that it’s summer. I’ve made it a point to plan according with what we have in season. Switzerland does provide an abundance of warmth in the summer months, coupled with nice amounts of rain. This summer has been good in providing a hearty amount of green beans, cauliflower, and zucchini. In addition, we have the beginnings of summer squash, and the tantalizing fruit option of the local pear. All these local summer ingredients have been carefully selected in rounding off our simple vegan lunch.

But let’s not forget about the important toppers. I find I”m reaching for seeds and nuts to put on top of the finished vegetables. In particular, I love sesame seeds. Not only do they provide dietary fiber, nutrition, vitamins, antioxidants, but they are incredibly tasty and provide a nice warm nutty flavor to any vegetable dish. I also love adding my latest lovely Krishna dressing on top. A small drizzle is all one needs.

Keeping it simple is a phrase to live by when preparing meals for a hungry family. When I decide to roast a pumpkin, or summer squash, I do so with the skin on. I’m not going to bother removing the skin, as you’ll find it roasts up just as delicious as the inside. The outside is drizzled with a bit of olive oil, and roasted. It cooks up crispy and caramelizes all on its own, giving you a delicious mouthful of goodness.

In conclusion, I’d say I’ve learned a lot during my transition this summer into eating a clean vegan diet. I’ve also developed a few favorites this summer. My simple Spanish rice is amazing. The re-discovering of my vegetable steamer has been so handy when making fresh green beans from the garden. My krishna dressing is in a little ceramic picture on the table at lunch and dinner meals. Seeds and nuts are not to be missed. And my latest love of roasting zucchini, eggplant and cauliflower covered in breadcrumbs and garlic is simply divine.

Dive in, get creative, and stay local, simple and healthy.

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