Vegan Potato Dumplings

Knödel ready
Knödel ready

Vegan Potato Dumplings or Knödel

Probably not the most exciting post I’ve ever done, but hey…it’s worth noting. Vegan potato dumplings or Knödel, are for me a comfort food. It’s when I’m craving starchy, warm, filling food that it makes it on my table. And always, when I serve the dumplings or Knödel in German, do I include it in a nice coconut curry sauce. This dish is always served with any or some form of vegetable. Perhaps a cabbage saute since it’s a fine pairing in the typical German dish. Maybe a nice combination of peppers, eggplants and tomatoes simmering in a deliciously seasoned coconut milk sauce. Drizzled over the dumplings or swimming in the sauce, the dumplings will be a nice ‘sponge’ for the dish, thus making every bite flavorful and satisfying.

Don’t always believe what you see

I’ve tried and failed with the home-made version of this dish. In fact, I had to go to plan B that night, since I was cooking dinner for 10 guests. Never an easy task when under pressure, but I was heart broken as my Knödel fell apart in the boiling water. Thus leaving me quite intimated by the ‘scratch’ process. The home made Knödel takes some practice for sure. I watched several youtube videos, and thought I could take on this hand made challenge quite easily. Which goes to show you, don’t try a complicated new dish on the eve of entertaining, and don’t believe everything you see on youtube!

The history of Knödel or dumplings is a global thing. Many cultures have adapted the dumplings centuries ago. The Asian culture uses this in the form of pot stickers, or in a ‘filled’ form, which is either boiled or fried. The American’s use this for the infamous “chicken’n’dumplins” dish which is madly popular in the southern states throughout America. The Germans know this dish as Knödel, which is the version featured in this post.

“Sometime” is OK

If you know my cooking and baking principles, you know that I hate using anything from a box. Any sort of mix is an insult to me. But there are those few times in life that cuisine just calls for it. Well, this is that time. The ingredients I find are simple and pure. Only cold water is needed to begin this recipe. Since my hand made attempt was tried quite prudently and failed, I think for now I’ll rely on the box. In addition, the home-made version of the recipe does require eggs and I’m not sure it would work with out an actual egg (binding and all). Being that I’m vegan, that’s also a no-go for me.

My suggestion is to find a good, clean ready-made pack for Knödel. It’s still an involved process that you can really enjoy when served up right, and not feel like a total cheat. For the ultimate enjoyment while eating this dish, I reccomend having a nice cold amber beer by your side. So, make it a perfect meal and enjoy every bite of this traditional Knödel.

rolled and ready for the low boil
rolled and ready for the low boil

Vegan Potato Dumplings

A delicious warm comfort food, perfect for anytime throughout the year. I like to pair this with a nice coconut milk sauce, leaded with sauteed vegetables. Enjoy!
Course Main Course, Part of dish, Side Dish, Soup
Cuisine American, German
Keyword Sauce, Savory, Soup, vegan, Vegetables, vegetarian
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Servings 8 dumplings


  • 1 pack dumpling mix
  • 250 ml water cold


  • Quite a simple recipe. Add the required amount of water, stir, and let sit for 10 minutes. I then divided the mixture in the bowl with pie cuts.
    divided evenly
  • with wet hands, form your balls and boil in large quart pot for about 20 minutes. Dumplings will float when cooked.
    rolled and ready for the low boil
  • serve and enjoy!
    Knödel ready
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