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First week of November, and you expect the pickings from the veg. assortment to be slim.  Instead, when my weekly “bio box” or organic fresh vegetable delivery arrives in the mail, I find inspiration.  Lovely fresh sweet potatoes, a nice clump of fresh ginger, some hearty broccoli, the last of the small black cherry tomatoes, some carrots, and 2 beautiful heads of red butter leaf lettuce, kohlrabi, and a small Rouge Vif d’Estampes.

Broccoli being the king of cruciferous is one of my favorite vegetables if cooked properly.  First mistake everyone makes with this powerhouse, is they cook the life out of it, literally.  Most people take this beautiful green crown and cook it until it’s limp and almost brown.  Something I learned almost 20 years ago from one of my favorite Osteopaths, Dr. Weil, was to love your broccoli.  You do this by cooking it properly, and when you eat it, you feel it’s amazing health benefits settling inside of you.  His recipe for a great head of broccoli is as follows:

1-Crown of Broccoli:  make it organic, make it fresh.  Cut off the florets, and dice up the stem, as much as you desire.

2-get 1-2 cloves of garlic and press it through a garlic press.

Put both ingredients into a shallow small pot, add about 1 C. water, put the heat on the stove to high and cover the lid.  When it starts to steam with the lid on, let it go for 30-60 seconds.  Broccoli should be bright green when finished, w/ a lot of crisp left.

Note:  since I received fresh ginger in my delivery, I decided to add it to my broccoli boil.  Amazing!  If you’ve never tried FRESH ginger, it’s a must.  Can’t wait to have plenty of tea’s with this little amazing root.

Carrots were next on my list.  I had stumbled across a recipe of roasted carrots and quinoa.  Thought it sounded delicious, so I proceeded, but I had fresh beautiful sweet potatoes, so of course, I added those.  Turns out, with a bit of olive oil, some Italian herbs…it’s pretty damn good!

The rest of the items should keep me busy for the week.  Salads, and other assortments of vegetable dishes.  What was special to me about this week’s delivery was the color!  So much diversity with a hand full of options.  This is power food-the stuff that is getting us ready for cold winter days, where the sun will shine very little.  So, lots of vitamin D, and other essentials that build up our immune system in order to survive a long, cold winter.

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