What Every Garden Needs

An Insect House

Insects are in trouble.  We hear about the falling population in the bees, but we have more pollinators which also are in need of our attention.  Wild honey bees, butterflies, bumble bees, and any insect really which hops, drops or flies from flower to flower are all important in our food game.

As we know, life is a balance, and when the tiny insects and creatures begin to disappear from our food chain, larger life species also begin to disappear.  Do what you can to encourage and attract any form of life in your garden.

wild insect house
wild insect house

In Europe, insect houses are quite popular.  You will see them set up in the most uncommon places, usually on the edge of the forest, or along walking paths (like the above picture).  It is done in a two part effort to first, attract the insect, and then to attract our attention.  Once we take a moment to admire these hand made little wonders, we think to ourselves “Hey, I can do that too”.

I’ve seen elaborate insect houses, to the most basic.  Buy a few, make a few, but get a few up in your gardens today!  See what is to follow.

Another must is providing access to clean water for insects, reptiles and mammals living in the garden.  I’ve incorporated little bird bathes, as well as the plant saucers which I keep  filled daily with fresh water.  My cats and dog have now incorporated that as their personal watering hole, but I’m sure we get visits from hedgehogs, fox, mice,  not to mention the flying species who drop in for a sip.

  • Insect house built on the border of the forest
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